VOTE TODAY (If You Haven’t Voted Already, That Is)

I wasn’t going to dedicate a blog post to this, but you know what, it’s important…


I purposely put my bolded, big message above in purple. I didn’t want to be accused of favoring any side with a font color choice. Now if there’s some smaller political party that uses purple, I really don’t know about that, so consider my choice here completely unintentional.

Now if you already voted absentee, by mail, or early in person somewhere, of course I am not talking to you. Well, unless you live in Chicago (just kidding, Chicagoans; I used to live there, very old joke of course).

And if you have already voted, thank you for performing your civic duty.

The slogan here covers it all. Know what you are voting for AND know where to go before you head out to vote, RMT’ers!

Bottom line, if you are an American and value your rights, please go vote. I’m not here to push any one agenda or person or issue. This country’s voting system is built on the concept of one person, one vote, (and then it’s up to the electoral college to take those votes into consideration), so it’s our personal responsibility to get informed and get out there and make our opinion known. As in, I ask that you actually read through the voter’s guide you get in the mail. No, not the postcards from your political party, PAC, business, and/or union of choice, but the state-sanctioned booklet with the actual language of the initiatives being proposed and the statements from the candidates themselves. It’s enlightening, especially when you compare that actual, factual information with what’s been blaring out of our phones and televisions these past few months (years it feels like). Or look it up online (California’s official state voter information is online here).

And for any RMT’ers in a “battleground” state (boy, I don’t really like that term, do you?)… I bet you will just be happy when the phone- and TV-blaring is over.

Don’t have a clue where you vote this election? Go here for that information. That link this pulls up a nationwide search engine provided by Google. Please always double-check your voting location. Our location changes from time to time depending on the election, and I bet yours has varied over the years also. You can also find your voting location listed on the back of the card you get in the mail from your county’s official Registrar of Voters.

So if you’ve read this post and were one of the ones not convinced to vote before, there’s really no excuse left now. Please, if you are registered to vote in this election and able-bodied to get to the polls, get out there and VOTE TODAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2012. Our society’s future literally depends on it.

I’m K, the blogger behind Real Mom Time (RMT), and I approve this message.