Happy Halloween, RMT’ers!

Just one of the more traditionally decorated trunks at T’s trunk-or-treat event at his school. Sponsored by the school’s PTA, this was a great and safe Halloween event for kids and one I’ll look forward to attending again next year!

Happy Halloween, RMT’ers! I hope you’ve enjoyed the Halloween season (yes, it’s fair to say that Halloween has earned its rightful place as its own sub-season to Fall) and that you will continue to do so through today and into the evening! With it being a school night, I know our trick-or-treating will be short but – as always – still very sweet, or full of sweets anyway! And, of course, it will be safe (for some tips on staying safe this Halloween, please take a peek at this checklist here).

T’s trunk-or-treat event at school was small-ish by some other comparisons, but very sweet!

T wandered his way through his school’s trunk-or-treating event, gathering goodies at each stop.

This trunk was one of the nicer traditional displays at our school’s trunk-or-treat event. I felt like I’d just stepped into a HGTV set or a scrap-booking page!

This garden trunk while not super-elaborate was still quite cute, and came complete with its own super-enthusiastic ladybug!

Speaking of sweets, T got a jump on the sugar-filled festivities Friday with a “Trunk-or-Treat” event for kids enrolled at his school. Sponsored by the school’s chapter of the PTA, kids lined up in front of a couple of rows of cars with their trunks open, decorated, and at-the-ready with candy and other spook-tacular treats for the students. The costumed children then paraded through the cars gathering up goodies all while peeking in at the different decorations, which ranged from the traditional orange and black iconic displays to more creative ideas coupled with costumed volunteers. About two-dozen cars participated in the event.

Not sure about you, but these dolls scare me!

So not all the trunks were decorated in the traditional sense (or at all), but sometimes it’s just about the treat-giving, right RMT’ers?

This car was my favorite “creative” effort at our school’s trunk-or-treat event.

This was our first trunk-or-treat, but it definitely won’t be our last. I helped this year by donating a few bags of candy to those who drove in and decorated for the event. But after seeing what some of these parents and teachers came up with by way of car decor, I was inspired. If the event next year falls on a Friday that C has off, perhaps I can talk him into us doing up a tailgate of our own. You know, given C’s commitment and interest in parade floats and all, because after all, trunk-or-treat is just a stationary parade, right?

Just kidding, C. Did I scare you there? BOO!

Guess what (or who) T’s going to be for Halloween this year?

T ran into some of his superhero crew (DC Comics). Oh, wait, sorry, those are superheroes from the OTHER crew (Marvel). Well, no matter, they all had a great time hanging out as joint forces at their school’s trunk-or-treat event.

I sure felt safer at our school’s trunk-or-treat with this guy around.

Anyway, RMT’ers, I hope you have a safe and scary Halloween evening, or at least an evening with just enough scare-factor to keep it interesting! I think we’re staying local this year as our regular Halloween celebration crew is out-of-town and most likely celebrating Dia de los Muertos (lucky!). Our plan for now is to take T trick-or-treating through our own neighborhood, which is something we’ve not done in a few years. That will also allow us to be on the giving end of trick-or-treating, which is something we’ve not done in a few years either. T even said that he’s looking forward to both giving and receiving treats this year, so much so he asked me why can’t we bring what we’re giving out at our door to give to others while he goes trick-or-treating himself?! So he’s still learning how some of these traditions work, but at least he’s got the right spirit!

Happy Halloween 2012, RMT’ers!

How are you spending your Halloween?

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