LB Locals Take Advantage of Screaming Deal at Pa’s Pumpkin Patch

Don’t forget to run through your local pumpkin patch this season, RMT’ers!

T and I made our way out to our local pumpkin patch a bit earlier than usual this year, and it was all because of an unbelievable deal that we just could not pass up.

T shows off his Pa’s Pumpkin Patch unlimited ride wristband. Thanks to Pa’s for partnering with Groupon on this amazing deal (expired October 18)!

I believe we have almost this exact photo of T “driving” this same fire truck at Pa’s Pumpkin Patch last season! Good times!

Pa’s Pumpkin Patch has been our autumn fun-time destination spot for five years running now, and thanks to a great deal we got from Groupon, T was able to extend the fun for even longer during our last outing than we’d usually stay. For just $15, he got a wristband that allowed for unlimited rides all day with in and out privileges (exclusions of no carnival games and restricted to one pony ride); in an average outing at Pa’s, we’d spend that amount for just 10 ride tickets. Rides vary from one ticket to three depending on the attraction, so obviously the wristband purchase was a screaming deal, and in a delightful not frightful way!

T heads up the big slide for the first time down at Pa’s Pumpkin Patch.

T bounces down the big slide at Pa’s Pumpkin Patch. While it was the first time for T on this big slide, he easily went up and down the slide 10 times on this visit. If not for the unlimited ride wristband, that would have been equal to just one sheet of tickets on an average visit. Thanks, Groupon… and Pa’s!

Now I am not going to lie, RMT’ers: I’d all but sworn off Groupon. In all honestly, it was both because I was failing to use them before expiration, coupled with the fact that it’s been found time and time again that Groupons aren’t great for business owners in the long run (especially the smallest businesses). However, given this was a pretty restricted seasonal offer and for a destination that we were guaranteed to visit, I figured why not get one wristband and go a little earlier this year to try it out (so, OK, they got me, ha). I also think that Pa’s will have ample time to decide – based on deal redemptions and use of the post-expiration amounts both – whether it’s something they plan to offer again next season. And if they don’t partner with Groupon again for whatever the reason, that’s OK, too (and completely understandable).

Another new ride for T this year at Pa’s was this little electric-operated roller coaster. It replaced a bumper boat ride that, one, was always broke down, and two, required gasoline to run the boats. I’m willing to wager that the roller coaster is a better bet all-around for both the owners and riders at Pa’s!

T took a few spins on this roller coaster down at Pa’s Pumpkin Patch last week. He LOVED it!

On about the fifth roller coaster ride, T decided to try the back car instead. It was fun, too, but he said the front was better.

The Pa’s Groupon expired on October 18 (sorry, RMT’ers), so the deal obviously was designed to get locals into Pa’s earlier in the Halloween season than they might otherwise have visited. Mission accomplished. T and I, along with our neighbor/ good friend/ T’s Auntie Kel spent a solid two hours out at Pa’s on this visit. And while T and I (and hopefully C, too) will return closer to Halloween (and hopefully on a much cooler fall day or evening), it pains me to think that we could easily spend more for just one-third the rides and stay just half the length of time than we did on this mega-visit.

T and I take a photo in the “head holes” down at Pa’s Pumpkin Patch.

T wasn’t as cooperative with the “head hole” shots this season at Pa’s Pumpkin Patch, but his Auntie managed to catch him sneaking a peak through this scarecrow right-quick.

T and I at Pa’s Pumpkin Patch this year. Nice face, T!

But that’s OK. We love Pa’s Pumpkin Patch. It’s become a family tradition five years running for us, and with many more to come. Also we are happy Pa’s returned this season as we’d heard some threats of land sales and such that might have otherwise prevented them from setting up carnival this year. Glad those were all just incorrect rumors. I know it’s Halloween and all, but those rumors were enough to give me a scare, let me tell ya!

T has a rockin’ great time on the “pirate ship” ride at Pa’s Pumpkin Patch.

T hops across a bounce house at Pa’s Pumpkin Patch. Normally we’d not even encourage the bouncers because of ticket limitations, but thanks to a great Groupon offer this season, T got to ride and bounce until he could ride and bounce no more.

T rides a spinning-scrambler ride at Pa’s Pumpkin Patch.

The Castle of Mirrors has a transparent wall so we parents can watch as our kids roam their way through the mirror mazes. So fun(ny)!

So thanks, Pa’s, for a great afternoon out! I say thanks because we definitely got our money’s worth and then some out of that Groupon, so most of our outing was on you guys… but don’t worry, we’ll be back for more spook-tacular fun sometime before Halloween arrives!

Located along E. Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach just east of Seal Beach (CA), Pa’s Pumpkin Patch is a long-time Halloween and seasonal tradition for the entire family.

Pa’s Pumpkin Patch is at 6701 E. Pacific Coast Hwy., Long Beach, CA 90803. Other contact details are here. They will be open daily through October 30 from 10 a.m. through 9 p.m. and Halloween (October 31) from 10 a.m. through 6 p.m. Pa’s is also available for special group outings and parties; please call 562 596 7741 for more information.

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