Halloween Decorating Not as Scary As I Thought It’d Be This Season!

Well, it’s here, or almost here. OK, it’s still more than two weeks away… but it’ll be here before we know it: It’s HALLOWEEN!

Halloween makes me happy, just like this little ghost.

I love Halloween. I used to not really get into this holiday so much other than at this one office where I worked for seven years (they had awesome contests), but now that I have a kid, it’s all changed. Dress-up, crappy candy, “scary” ghosts, witches, and goblins, and pumpkins – what’s not to love really?! OK, the truth is that I am sold mostly because of the pumpkins (and anything pumpkin-flavored).  And candy corn. And pumpkin patches and fall festivals. And Peanuts’ TV specials. But mostly it’s seeing T enjoying this season that just makes me sport a hefty jack-o-lantern smile pretty much now through November 1.

This was our attic just a few months ago. Do you see why I never wanted to go up there? Stay tuned for the “after” photos of how C fixed this up for us just in time for the holiday seasons!

But back to the actual holiday itself… as I showed you last year, we do have a few Halloween traditions of our own, the first being to get the house ready for the big, boo-tiful day! Because last year I was too scared to brave our over-crammed and semi-disgusting attic, I didn’t even try to go up there to retrieve our Halloween decorations. One, I had no clue where to even begin looking for them, and two, I had no clue what condition they’d be in once found. I figured what’s the point? It’d been almost three years since using anything in the attic to decorate for Halloween anyway, so I just gave T $10 at the Dollar Tree last year to make the most of it (which he did).

A sneak peek of the awesome new shelving that C installed in our attic a few months ago. Yes, this is the same space as shown above, just new and way improved. More to come in another post soon, RMT’ers!

Well, my attic attitude made a 180 this year because C finally got around to cleaning up and decking out the attic. I’ll be totally honest, RMT’ers: I couldn’t be happier. I know, it’s a bit odd how an attic can some of us moms squeal with excitement as if that’s the holiday we’re celebrating. Well, I am not ashamed to admit that a well-organized anything impresses the heck out of me, not to mention makes all of ours lives a whole heckuva lot easier.

I found this spider lurking in my attic when I went up to get Halloween decorations this year. This honestly was the only kind of spider I saw while up there: The fake kind.

Well, look here! I found my original Halloween wreath, the one I didn’t know I still had because I could never remember where I stored everything before. He’ll be here all month, folks!

Some more skeletons (and spiders) from our attic! T wanted to hang some of the decorations in his windows, so we did.

I’ll share those new and pretty attic photos with you in another post; back to the decorating. So when I went up to said reorganized (and cleaner than anticipated) attic, I found not one, not two, but three separate places where Halloween decor had been hiding out all these three years. Aside from some battery corrosion, which really isn’t too shocking, the pieces were in pretty fantastic festive shape!

And another spider! This was one T got a few Halloween’s ago from his Grandma. I was happy we still had it, and so was T.

T’s special Halloween place mat… just another find from the attic this season.

More about my attic and overall admiration for organization later. For now, I am just proud to share my spooky finds with you and hope that you, too, are getting your homes boo-tified for Halloween soon enough!

Though we found a slew of decorations for Halloween this season, we still get new ones for the mix each year, too. This one is from T’s Grandma Beep. It says all kinds of silly things, and it’s operated with a motion detector; of course, it’s T’s new favorite. All I can say is thank goodness there is an off switch!

What are you looking forward to most this Halloween season, RMT’ers?

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