Last Splash of Summer 2012!

For four years running, Splash Pad in Westminster, CA, has been just one of our many fun-in-the-sun summer traditions.

Once a summer it’s been a tradition for our play group head over to the Sigler Park Splash Pad in Westminster, CA. Usually, I am the one in our group who sets up this play date by booking a private party for the group so that we’re sure to have a safe and fun play date for all ages without the worry of too big of kids taking over the place. Sadly, however, it just wasn’t in my summer budget to do that for everyone this summer (you can thank my car’s a/c going out in June for that, ouch). I also admit that I was already a little gun-shy to re-book a set date given what unfortunately happened last summer with the burst pipe.

T and his friends had a splashin’ great time at Westminster’s (CA) Splash Pad in Sigler Park last Monday.

Instead, with the kids being a bit older and already pretty familiar with the Splash Pad, I decided to take a chance. Given that many nearby school districts had already returned to the classroom and Long Beach has yet to (our schools start the Fall semester on Wednesday September 5), I put it out there that T and I were planning to go over to the Splash Pad sometime this week. Well, that generated a nice response! One after another, moms replied saying that they and their kids would be making a day of Bella Terra and then Splash Pad afterward (since both are just five minutes from each other), or at least meeting up at the Pad sometime later in the morning around lunchtime. Well, OK then, sounds like a great last-minute plan to me, too!

Wow, I can remember when T was this little dude’s age when we started going to Sigler Park’s Splash Pad in Westminster (CA). Time sure flies!

A brother and sister moment caught on camera out at Sigler Park’s Splash Pad in Westminster, CA.

Snack time out at Sigler Park in Westminster, CA!

Last Monday we must have had about a dozen moms and kids meet up on just a day’s notice out at the Splash Pad. So unexpected and unplanned really, but as I learned last summer, sometimes those kinds of outings wind up being the best times of all. We all brought packed or purchased lunches that we ate in the nearby playground, and then once the Pad opened at Noon we ventured inside for about an hour of wet and wild play date fun. I even let T and some of his friends march me through the entire Splash Pad while fully clothed; they loved it, and considering I had worked out earlier that morning and still hadn’t showered, I pretty much loved it, too (shhh, they think I was annoyed). Did anyone happen to get a picture of that, by the way?

T and friends employed some unusual methods when drying off after a wet and wild time in Sigler Park’s Splash Pad in Westminster, CA.

T and friends hamming it up at Sigler Park’s Splash Pad during what are some of their last moments of summer vacation before school starts back up next week.

T and his friends crammed into a tire swing out at Sigler Park in Westminster (CA).

After the kids were finished with their hour of non-stop water play, they dried off and headed back to the playground for about another hour of landlubbing play date adventures. The tire swing was a big hit, even if a bit of a challenge to climb out of!

Splashing, screaming, snacking, sandy, sweaty, and ultimately sleepy kids… now that’s a great way to wrap up a summer with good friends!

With Labor Day on fast approach, RMT’ers,  make sure to check your summer schedules twice! Splash Pad is open daily Noon to 5 p.m., but the last day of Summer 2012 operation is MONDAY SEPTEMBER 3.