Happy One Year Anniversary to RMT!

So guess what, RMT’ers? I’ve been at this blog thing for a year now! On this day one year ago, I posted my first post without exactly knowing where I was headed but knowing I definitely wanted to start a cyber-journey of some sort. And I just have to say, I give myself major props for sticking with it. Whether T was in school and I had delicious free time to write endlessly or he was home for summer or other holidays and with me 24/7, I somehow-someway made it work. Yay me!

(Hey, I can brag a bit – a year of commitment to almost anything these days is a really big deal, right?)

I think a great way to celebrate today’s milestone is to break down that first post of mine (in italics below) 218 published posts (with this one that makes it 219), 680+ tweets (and 100+ tweeps), a couple dozen email subscribers, and 40-ish Facebook followers later. Here it goes!

Welcome to Real Mom Time – Adjust Your Clocks Accordingly

Well, I haven’t changed the name of the blog… so far so good there!

Well, welcome to, well, not quite sure what exactly. See, I’m just a real mom like you, working with what I refer to as real mom time (hence, the name of this blog). Each day is a little different; some might be a little more planned than others, others a little more casual than the last. While I strive day-to-day for routine as it’s what keeps us all most sane, unpredictability and going-with-the-flow are both key elements to being on Real Mom Time.

I still believe in the routine for all of us, meaning for me, C, and T. We just do better knowing there’s some predictability to our overall day – the big picture as it relates to mealtimes, bedtimes, and other standing events in our schedule (school drop-offs and pick-ups or gym mornings, for example). However, as T is a little older now, we are leaning more toward the go-with-the-flow vibe a bit more often and at all times of the day now that the nap is a distant memory as of months ago; while that attitude definitely allows for more impromptu fun, boy oh boy, fun can get pretty exhausting! Thank goodness T has discovered the art of sleeping in when he needs it (until a delightful 7:30 a.m., sometimes 8 a.m.) … just too bad those mornings usually land on school mornings!

The gist of my posts will center on the cool and/or helpful things I come across during my day-to-day journey as a mother in this crazy world of ours. Whether it’s a tasty recipe, an easy craft, a simple playtime idea, a great deal I see in a store or online somewhere, or just something about our daily interactions throughout our day – think manners, basic parenting scenarios, play date dilemmas, or preschool predicaments – I’ll share it. It’ll be a mix of my own original thought and experiences as well as other ideas I gleam and admire from others. The source could be a friend’s social networking post or blog (with their permission, of course) or another online or real world find (attributed of course).

I think I’ve pretty much stuck to this overall theme, leaning more toward the “what have T and I been up to or where to lately” variety. I think that happened because honestly it’s easier for me to write about something our family does together and throw on a few photos of it; also, this angle has helped me turn this blog into more of an archive for our own family and friends, too. I know there are some RMT’ers who probably miss “Treat Tuesdays” (maybe even “Tip Tuesdays”), but since I stopped posting on Tuesdays a while ago, that all sort of went on hold for the time being anyway. And I do try to slip in a recipe here-there… but with summertime here, I just don’t bake like I used to during the hotter months (pity).

I am going to try, try, try to post daily, Monday through Friday, and limit posts to somewhere around 500 words (give or take depending on the subject) for a nice, quick-and-dirty read before you start or finish (or take a break from) your parenting day.

Yeah, I know, I don’t post Monday through Friday anymore, but I do try to post M-W-F weekly, sometimes more often, sometimes less often, and that’s been working out nicely for our family’s schedules overall; it’s not as pressured nor as time-consuming either. Oh and the 500 word limit? Yeah, well I knew that would be pretty challenging for me no matter what word constraint I put on myself, so still need to work on that component (including in this very post, whoops)!

Just a little background about me, not too much though so as not to bore you… I’m a full-time mom to a right-now 3 ½ year-old boy (whom I’ll refer to simply as “T”) with seemingly endless energy and zest for even the simplest things in this life (he’s been known to exclaim pretty much every Wednesday morning, “Garbage truck is here! Garbage truck is here!”). It’s a pleasure being at home raising this little bundle of energy and most-times shiny, happy child. But let me be honest… of course there are those, um, moments (you moms all know “those moments” if you know or have had the pleasure of being around any three-year-olds, heh). So right here, right now, I promise to do my absolute best to highlight both the highs and the lows – AKA reality – of our ordinary days together.

T’s now 4-1/2 years old (!), and he’s just as full of energy as ever! In retrospect, it’s obvious that I tend to blog here more about the positive interactions that he and I (and C) have with him in our day-to-day lives. However, while I acknowledge that I didn’t hold up to my end of the deal to post a fair and balanced report on raising a young preschooler, I don’t want to apologize but instead shall explain.

I recently read a friend’s daily affirmation challenge, which was, “What if you took a moment and imagined with every part of your being that you were exactly where you wanted to be financially, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and in the relationship of your dreams?”

To that, my response was (and almost immediately and without hesitation): “Honestly? I’m appreciative daily. Not ALL day – heh – but my thoughts do gravitate toward gratitude at least once-daily for the life I’ve managed to surround myself with. It’s def. helped my outlook & expectations management also (of others, of myself). Content here!”

I think that last part about outlook and expectations of others sums up the highs and lows of raising a preschooler, don’t you, RMT’ers? Oh, and a positive outlook definitely helps stay sane during the, um, darker and more ungrateful moments in our days, too (wink).

I’ve been married for more than seven years now to my husband, T’s dad, whom I’ll refer to on the blog as “C” when he might warrant a mention (which might be often, he’s a very involved daddy, and yay for that!).

C and I have been married a little more than eight years now, and I definitely meant what I said about him being an extremely involved, hands-on daddy. I think my posts are proof enough there, so ’nuff said.

So if this intrigues you, thanks for reading. You can’t be early or late really, so welcome whenever you get here – and don’t forget to adjust your clocks to “Real Mom Time”!

I started with just a handful of close mommy friends and family supporting me on this blogging marathon of mine; to date, between email subscribers, tweeps, and Facebook followers, I now have more than 170 registered followers, and most are readers that I’ve never met and probably never will meet outside of the RMT blogosphere. I want to say thank you to all of you for your support over the past year, and I hope that you will continue to join me as RMT heads into year two! Oh, and happy RMT anniversary to you, too!