T’s About to Cause Quite a “Racquet” Come Summer

It’s officially summer in just another week (OMG), and that means it’s time to kick off another class with our parks and recreation department! The summer session begins a week from today, but in order to make sure we got our choice of class, we signed up weeks ago. This time, T opted for something new to him, so new in fact that I can’t say we’ve ever really knocked this ball around more than once or twice in his four-and-a-half years of life thus far.

T rallies himself up for Tot Tennis this summer!

Yep, of all the classes T could choose from (and I read him pretty much every entry in the catalog in his age-range), he chose Tennis for Tots! It’s a 10-week session consisting of once-weekly, 30-minute group “lessons” at one of our city parks for four- and five-year-olds. It’s not a park that’s very close to us, or one that we’d ever been to before actually, so the other day we drove over to check it out. Not a bad little park! There’s just a couple of tennis courts, one which even has a back-stop to knock up against. Seems like a perfect place for a group of kids to learn this lovely game to me!

I’ll keep you posted on T’s tot tennis progress as we lob through our summer. I just hope it ends better than kids’ yoga did last summer, which we withdrew from about halfway through the six-class session. Turns out three-year-olds just aren’t set up to chill out for an hour at a time, especially with all the summer action to be had (duh); I guess even the instructor agreed with us as that class is no longer open to three-year-olds. But that’s what these classes are all about, right RMT’ers? You win some, you lose some. I just hope tennis is a winner… for a few weeks anyway!