Another Rock-Solid Hunting Ground: A Shiny, Smooth Follow-Up

Remember our rocky trip to the beach? Well, it’s been a couple of months since Easter weekend, and the rocks have been tumbling out of the tumblers in the last week or so… and boy oh boy, are they pur-ty!

Shiny, happy rocks! These are just a few of what C and T hauled away from North Ponto State Beach in Carlsbad, CA, over Easter weekend a couple of months ago.

A close-up of one of the white rocks that C dug around for at the beach over Easter weekend. Yep, he was right – they polished up really nicely and with a lot of sparkly details!

This was one of my favorites from the beach. I love all the blues and other colors that came out after the weeks of tumbling that you never would have thought were lurking under the surface.

A handful of speckled rocks from our day at the beach over Easter weekend.

It’s very hard to convey through photos just how shiny and smooth C’s gotten these rocks from just a few sand-and-polish cycles in the rock tumblers, but I wanted to follow up anyway. Oh, and this here isn’t even one-fourth of what the boys hauled off that day at the beach in Carlsbad (the rest are polishing up now).

Hope you’re having a smooth week, RMT’ers!