Happy Memorial Day, RMT’ers!


Happy Memorial Day, RMT’ers!

Happy Memorial Day, RMT’ers – and it’s almost time officially to say Happy Summer to you, too!

I hope you have had a wonderful time this weekend with your family barbecuing, beaching, or doing whatever really, just so long as you had a great time doing it. But most important of all I hope you took time today to remember and honor those who stood up for our country, especially those whom paid the ultimate price so that we all can freely go to the beach and barbecue on days like today. Whether you fly your flag on your house (like us), attend one of the many memorials to reflect on what today really means, or simply take a moment to send up a prayer for those who’ve gone before us and for us, God bless our military and their families!

A fairly clear photo taken by my friend’s six-year-old daughter at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Weedy Sea Dragons at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

I see a trend here… it seems my friend’s six-year-old daughter likes to look for the camouflaged animal exhibits at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Another project for you to consider as summer approaches is an idea that I got from a friend of mine. You know those typical summer outings you go on with your kids, and you know how you always seem to come home with the same photos from those places time and time again? Yeah, I think I have the same photo of the same fish in the same tank at our local aquarium myself. So in my friend’s words, “Try this! I gave S my digital camera yesterday at the aquarium (tied it around her wrist) and said, today take pictures of things you like (instead of me taking the same ol pics), and it was such a fun experience!” Your child and you can continue to enjoy the photos either by printing them to put into a small album, or you can sit together with your child to create a photo book online together.

My friend’s six-year-old daughter took this photo because pink is her favorite color. It’s those little details that tell us so much, RMT’ers!

A photo of sparkly hats in the gift shop at the Aquarium of the Pacific. My friend’s six-year-old daughter took this because she likes sparkly things.

The large whale from a six-year-old’s view. Wow, it is huge! I never thought about how big (and potentially scary) this could look to a kid until I saw this photo. It’s like the head is coming right at a kid’s eye level really!

My friend’s six-year-old daughter took a photo of these stuffed seals because she said that one was “looking right at her.” Despite that, my friend said they adopted no seals during their outing at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

I was seriously impressed with the photos my friend’s six-year-old daughter’s took; they and her project really prove that kids do see things from a different perspective (and eye level!). Her project also made me realize that the things that we as parents and adults see when we go on these outings may not even be the same things that our children see – and quite literally!

C and I enjoy our anniversary day out on the beach at the Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii. Thanks, T, for capturing this moment for us!

After our anniversary dinner, we set T up with our camera to take this photo of us on the boat tram at the Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort. I think the visitors on both sides of T were extremely nervous that he’d drop the camera, but T did a great and careful job and managed to capture a pretty nice shot to boot!

Feeling inspired, C and I let T take a couple of photos for us – well, mostly of us really – while we were on vacation earlier this month. Though we aren’t quite ready to let T handle the Canon D-40 on a regular basis at age four, and we are not into showing him how to handle our smart phones just yet either, we were able to set T up steadily enough to snap a photo of us here and there in honor of our anniversary… and he did a great job! Also it’s kind of nice that we now can count on T to capture a few photos of us rather than it always being us chasing him down to photograph only him on these adventures. In addition to taking a couple of photos of us, T also took a photo of his “guys” while in the hotel room, which is more evidence of how important certain things are to our little ones that we might otherwise brush off as just toys or stuff.

When C asked T what he wanted to take a photo of, T chose his “guys.” T could have chosen any of the gorgeous scenery from our hotel room balcony, but he chose what’s near and dear to his heart. This goes to show that what we think is “the best” may not mean much of anything at all to the kids, and vice-versa.

I’m looking forward to summer from another point of view, how about you, RMT’ers?