FREE 8×8 Shutterfly Hard-bound Book (Exp. 5/4/12 11:59pm PST)

RMT’ers! Are you in the middle of making a small Shutterfly book for yourselves or a loved one? OK, even if you aren’t, maybe this will inspire you to act fast!

I have a code for a FREE 8×8 Shutterfly Hard-bound Book… the catch is that it’s a one-time use code and it expires TOMORROW  5/4/12 11:59pm PST (I know we’re on Daylight time, but just telling you what the code tells me).

To get the code, just be the first person to email me at:

realmomtime at gmail dot com

I can then send you the code ASAP so long as you provide a working email in the body of your email (only to be used for correspondence as it relates to this one-time offer; no mailing lists, promise!).

I would post the code here, but I’d hate for a RMT’er to put a book together then realize the code’s been utilized already. Sorry it has to be a couple of steps, but I hope it makes sense why I’m doing it this way!

I’ve always been very happy with the quality of Shutterfly products, but we just cannot get on the ball fast enough to use this code this quickly after our trip!

Hope I can help someone with a free book, especially with Mother’s Day fast approaching! Enjoy!

2 responses to “FREE 8×8 Shutterfly Hard-bound Book (Exp. 5/4/12 11:59pm PST)

    • I know it was a late post and up against the deadline, but it’s when I read my email and noticed it. Thanks for the interest and perhaps next time (because I get these every so often and usually don’t use them all). The good news is that someone was able to take me up on this offer, so it was not wasted (yay!).

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