Aloha from home!

Aloha from the Mainland USA, RMT’ers!

I’ve been on a little vaca the past week, but I am back now (got in late last night). C, T, and I spent some family time together on the Big Island of Hawai’i, and I cannot wait to share some of our adventures with you all very soon!

For now though, I am going to take some additional time off the next few days so we can all readjust to regular RMT. You know, half-dozen loads of wash, grocery restocking, home-body’ing, eating a meal not prepared by a restaurant, detoxing from fruity/ sugary (but extremely tasty) beverages… the things we all love and need to do after a long time away from the home. T missed his toys, too, as you can only imagine, so I’m letting him get that out of his system as well.

I’ll be back sometime next week with new posts! And in the meantime, and to fill in the gaps, I’ll Facebook my blog posts that went up while I was away, just in case anyone there missed anything from the blog directly.

Hope you all had a great week! 🙂