My Rules for 2012: Follow-Up

It’s February 29, and it’s not every year we can say that. Happy Leap Day, RMT’ers! Have anything special planned? I don’t really, but I got to thinking… What better day than Leap Day to follow-up with my RMT’ers on my Rules for 2012, so I’ll just jump right in with it!

Rules for 2012: Update

Yell Less I haven’t lost my voice yet in 2012, so I must be on the right path, right?! But seriously, I think I’m doing better. Nowhere near perfect, of course, but I do think that I am pumping down the volume enough so that I’m not as annoying to my child or others for that matter. I know I am not annoying myself as much either, so that’s good, too!

Road Relax I definitely think life in the car has improved for all of us. But of course, things can only get better. I do catch myself now though much sooner if I am muttering random road-based ramblings under my breath while driving because if I don’t, well, trust me, T will totally call me out on it. Talk about instant accountability (and some awkward moments, heh). It’s great though, as T and I have developed a code-word for when those not-so-great things happen out on the road: Bad drivers. That sums most situations up without the need for additional anger management classes, and that’s a good thing.

Kick (My Own) Ass This one is a rough one for me to update; unfortunately, while I have made good on the promise with myself to switch-up my workouts, I have to report that there’s not really been any progress. However, while I don’t believe in excuses much, I do have a good one for this particular situation. The bad news is after dealing with months and months of unexplained pain in my lower back and hip, I now have an official diagnosis thanks to the science of MRI: Degenerative arthritis in the lumbar spine. So for the past few weeks, I’ve had to scale my intensity way back at the gym and rebuild my exercise routine again slow and steady; I’m just now getting back to my regular routine. Now here’s the better news: The diagnosis sounds MUCH worse than it really is (in my case anyway); I can exercise (thank god); I’ve not gained any weight due to scaling back at the gym (whew); and icing my back and hip daily seem to stave off the pain (now just remembering to do it – like I should be doing right now… OK, off to get my ice pack). I’m scheduled for another MRI soon, this time of my hip to be sure there’s nothing there to report, and from there I can take additional steps with pain management and/or other treatment regimens.

Slow Down the Morning Rush Well, seeing that I was diagnosed with arthritis… ha, kidding! For reals though, this one might have been too easy of a resolution, that or I just happened into a lovely stage with T right now in that he wakes up WANTING to get dressed immediately and proceeds onto breakfast without missing a beat. And because of his own eagerness to go, go, go, T’s attitude has been a great motivator for me to stop dilly-dallying myself and take care of AM business around the house well before it’s time we walk out the door. Notice I didn’t say RUN out the door? So, yeah, not to brag or anything, but I am well-satisfied with our morning routine machine. Good morning, indeed!

How have the rest of you fared so far this year with your own resolutions and rules? Make time for yourself and check in with me, RMT’ers!