Who Says It Doesn’t Snow in So Cal?

Thanks to Fourth District Councilman Patrick O'Donnell, who put on a great Snow Day at Whaley Park this year! While this was not held in our home district, it's events like these that bring all of our neighborhoods together. Yay for FREE, family-friendly, community-focused events!

A couple of weeks ago we got this flier from T’s school. Based on what it was forecasting – snow and FREE family fun – I knew we were in for a good ol’ time.

Snow Day at Whaley Park in Long Beach is an annual family favorite city-wide. We went early, but the gorgeous 70-degree weather ensured a great turnout. See? Snow doesn't scare us So Cal'ers away, RMT'ers!

The free snow day at Whaley Park in Long Beach is an annual event put on by the Fourth District, with heavy volunteer assistance from other city-wide organizations such as police, fire, and parks and recreation. Yes, the entire four-hour event is free, and that includes all the snow play, sled runs, barbecue lunch, giveaways, and bouncers you can handle.

Having only been in snow one other time in his life (for just 10 minutes when he had just turned one-year-old), T stepped onto this small snow play area, looked at the snowman, looked around, and didn't know what to think at first!

Then T saw this sled run and it was on... T solo-sleds for the first time at Whaley Park's Snow Day in Long Beach!

A wide-shot of the four-chute sled run at Snow Day in Whaley Park, Long Beach.

Another snow play area at Whaley Park's Snow Day, a free community event held annually in Long Beach.

Thanks to all of the volunteers at this year's Snow Day at Whaley Park in Long Beach. These firefighters and lifeguards took time out to educate the wee ones on water and ocean rescue gear at this year's event. Water and ocean rescue being featured because, well, seeing as the snow in this park is about the only snow we get annually, no need to feature snow safety much!

Yes, RMT’ers who are not Southern California residents, this is what we live for: Snow in 70-degree weather. What other kind of snow is there really?!

This snowman is better suited for the 70-degree So Cal day than one made of the real deal at Snow Day in Whaley Park, Long Beach.