Take a Long Walk Down a Fun Pier (and Memory Lane) in Santa Monica

Santa Monica Pier will always have a special place in my heart.

Last week after the rain, we were blessed with a couple of days of the most wonderful weather that we’ve grown accustomed to here in So Cal: Mid-70s  at the beach in January. And while we Californians might take that kind of weather for granted most of the year-round, I personally always appreciate it this month of the year, and for a very special reason.

A bird in flight off of the Santa Monica Pier.

When I woke up last Wednesday to learn that it could get close to 80 at the beaches (80!), I became paralyzed with indecision for the first hour of the morning. Just where could I take T to enjoy the gorgeous day ahead of us? I racked my brain with all sorts of ideas… local beaches to play in the sand, area playgrounds, and our aquarium and waterfront all came to mind, but none of those seemed special enough for some reason that I couldn’t put my finger on right away.

It was about this exact spot looking at this view almost 15 years ago to the day when and where I decided to return to my Southern California roots for good. When I told T the story, all he said was, "Cool!" Yeah, T, I agree... very cool.

But then out of nowhere, it hit me: Santa Monica Pier. I’d not been there since I’d moved back to Southern California permanently in 1997, so this really was an out of the ordinary idea since I’d obviously not taken T there before. Heck I’d not even been there with C before! Then I stopped to run the numbers and realized it had been 15 years to the week (maybe even the day) that I’d stood on that same pier in similar weather during a long weekend visit and decided to return to my California roots for good. While the folks I visited during that weekend aren’t in my life much at all anymore, it wasn’t them that convinced me to come back; Chicago might have been my kind of town, RMT’ers, but California has always had my kind of weather and a huge hold on my heart.

A lovely view North from the Santa Monica Pier. I'm forever grateful for this view!

So enjoy a few photos from our very special day out as we made new memories all while I reminisced on that milestone moment. Glad I wasn’t paralyzed with indecision 15 years ago!

Steel drum musician on the Santa Monica Pier.

This singer changed the lyrics to "That's Life" to include T's name. How'd she know his name? Because I was hollering after him all day long as he ran away from me up and down the Santa Monica Pier! Can you relate, RMT'ers?

This artist told T that he shouldn't share any of the cotton candy I'd gotten him and that it's "all his bellyache... all his cavities." I love people watching (and listening) on the Santa Monica Pier!

Pacific Park houses the Midway, arcade games, and carnival rides along the Santa Monica Pier.

A view South from along the Midway of Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier.

One of the many carnival games in Pacific Park along Santa Monica Pier.

For just $1, Zoltar lives to tell your fortune on the Santa Monica Pier.

Pacific Park along Santa Monica Pier claims to house the world's first wind-powered Midway game (see windmill at top of photo).

Playland Arcade on Santa Monica Pier has a pinball game for pretty much any player.

Playland Arcade also boasts a number of smaller kiddie coin-op rides, including these way cool older ones.

T enjoys the ride-on Tonka truck at Playland Arcade on Santa Monica Pier.

We looked up before committing to a ride on the Ferris Wheel in Pacific Park on Santa Monica Pier...

... and up we went! A view from the top (of the Ferris wheel) over the Santa Monica Pier.

While on our Ferris wheel ride, we got to watch folks taking lessons at the trapeze school on the Santa Monica Pier. T asked if we could do that... in a few more years, T. Oh and the large circus tent in the background is home to the most recent staging of Cirque du Soleil OVO.

Cheers to good decisions! My margarita and view during lunch at Mariasol at the end of Santa Monica Pier. T's Grandma S met us for lunch and treated, and a treat it was indeed!

More running up and down the Santa Monica Pier.

The sign says it all! Signing off for now, RMT'ers!

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  2. I am ready to go back to california and now I would love to go visit the pier.
    There is just so much fun stuff to do. It looked like T had a blast.
    I was lucky enough when I lived in Las Vegas to see a couple of th Circ shows. They were incredible. So worth the expensivive tickets.

    • T loved Santa Monica Pier, but he loves anything that has to do w the beach, games, rides, snacks, and running outdoors, so it was a perfect day for him really!

      Circ is definitely on my to-do list… perhaps next time I’m in Vegas. Thanks for reminding me!

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