T Tee’s Off with T-Ball this Season!

The coaches sit the kiddos down and get to know them at the first T-ball class this season.

This season, I let T choose another class via our local parks and recreation program. I encouraged him to choose from a few different sports, since he already gets music enrichment and individual gymnastic activities from his two after-school programs.

One afternoon, T finally made a final-final decision: T-Ball. Well, that’s not exactly how the conversation went, it went more like this…

T: Remember that T-ball we went to with Grandma Beep?

Me: Yes… (in my head knowing he means the pre-game baseball he played when we went to Petco Park)

T: Well, that’s what I want to do. T-ball.

Me: OK, but that means no soccer (which was the class I THOUGHT T was taking).

T: OK. Coach Cody isn’t there anymore so I don’t want to do it anyway (who was his class coach last year at this time – and T’s right, he’s no longer there).

Me: OK, well, um, I think that class actually begins today (in about an hour)! Are you sure you want to do T-ball over soccer, because if so we need to get over there, sign up, pay, and go to class right now – if we can even get into the class?! It might be full…

T: (excitedly)Yes! Let’s go! (I’d never seen T get ready to leave the house so fast in my life!)


"Stretching" before T-ball class.

So T and I literally swung into action and got to the parks and rec office about 45 minutes before the class’ scheduled start time that Monday afternoon. Lucky for T, there were four spots left; T-ball this season it is!

How a lot of time was spent the first T-ball class... waiting in a line so the kids could run from base to base. Yeah, kids are not so still while waiting their turn, not even mine, RMT'ers.

Run by TriFytt Sports, this is a T-ball class – not competitive teams and most certainly not a league. Thank goodness. I love that our parks and rec offers a fun, safe, and competitive-free environment for the wee ones (we’re talking preschool-aged) to actually learn the ropes – or bases as it is with T-ball – without worrying about winning. Heck, the entire first class didn’t even require a ball, glove, or bat of the group since all that the two coaches worked on with the kids was learning where the four bases were at and the order to run them. Have you ever seen a group of 20 three- and four-year-olds run around a baseball diamond? Good times, and oh-so-cute!

Three cheers for the T-ball kids!

We didn’t have class this past Monday, but we’re looking forward to our second class today (and I promise to bring the better camera and snap some better pictures, too)! Play ball, T!