Tom’s Farms a Rural Roadside Retreat

Tom's Farms is open!

C, T, and I were heading out for a visit with my Dad and his wife last weekend, which meant making time for a quick turn-off at Tom’s Farms!

T in front of the train at Tom's Farms in March 2010.

Train closed for repairs. Total bummer.

The free magic show was going on when we stopped by Tom's Farms.

These coin-op diggers were new to T during our most recent stop at Tom's Farms.

Sadly, the weather wasn’t very cooperative; rain earlier in the morning meant that many of the rides were closed during our visit, which was a total bummer. However, that just meant we needed to find some other things to keep us occupied, and Tom’s Farms thankfully is never short on new things to discover.

T loves kettle corn. I even liked it, which is saying a lot since I really am not a popcorn fan. But it was warm, fresh, and salty-sweet. Tasty!

Got fudge? If not Tom's Farms does, and in over a dozen different varieties!

We’d never been to their popcorn and fudge shoppe, so we grabbed some treats to go. T dug the kettle corn (of course), and we decided that the fudge should not be ignored, so we didn’t – how could we when it was on sale of buy four pieces get two free?! Yummy.

Chocolate-coated Twinkies. Just OK really. I got the rainbow-sprinkle one there on the left. The coating was way better than the cake itself. Nice idea though!

Want a caramel- or chocolate-coated apple? Check these out at the Tom's Farms fudge shoppe!

I also tried a chocolate-covered Twinkie, which was just OK. The covering was good, but the method of how they make them (freezing the cakes then dipping and drying) left the cake portion dry and tasteless. Oh well. Chocolate-caramel-covered apple next time it is!

Shed World at Tom's Farms houses the pony rides and petting zoo, too!

Funny thing about the baby pigs for sale... all they did the entire time we were there was fight! I could not get a good photo of them because they were too wild, but trust me when I say it was great entertainment as we waited for the pony ride!

T gets his giddy-up on a pony down at Tom's Farms.

Lucky for T, the ponies rides were open, so T jumped aboard for a quick spin before we headed back on the road again. Rides are $5 per child.

On your next road trip, remember Tom’s Farms at I-15 at Temescal Canyon Road in Corona, CA. Way better than a gas station rest stop, RMT’ers!