Kid-Friendly Lines of Utensils Help Us All Out In the Kitchen!

I get a lot of comments about how T is so eager to help us out in the kitchen, whether it’s to assist C with making dinner or help me out while baking. Well, it’s not all just our pleasant parental personalities luring him to the countertops, RMT’ers…

Just a handful of the headchefs brand of kid-friendly utensils T owns. Yes, those are little bendy bodies on the handles of the tools, complete with bare butts, belly buttons, and all that the anatomically incorrect birthday suit has to offer. Definitely kid-friendly if you ask me!

I’ll be the first to admit that C and I lean on a LOT of props to make the kitchen a fun place for T to spend his time, props mainly being in the form of kid-friendly utensils. They might be accessories especially made for kid-sized hands that speed up the sous-chef processes, or they might just be brightly colored, toy-looking tools created that don’t do much more than to allow for kids to grab hold and exclaim with glee, “Ooh, so bright and pretty!” Whatever and whichever, C and I are thankful for their existence, and so is T.

This is a Tovolo-brand spatula that Santa brought to T this Christmas. T's really into pirates right now, so this was an instant flip, er, hit! Argh!

There are several lines of utensils made just for children, and I am very thankful to the companies who’ve thought of designing such tools. Whether they are kid-friendly (and sized) spoons for stirring or whisks for whirling, T loves having his own set of kitchen tools to step up and help out when the occasion calls… or there are times T’s more than happy enough just to hang out on the step-stool and hold one and help by just watching what we’re doing. Either way, C and I are grateful that these items keep T interested in the kitchen, since this is where a lot of our own interests lie  in this household overall.

Nordic Ware makes some lovely kid-friendly items for the kitchen. Pictured here is an ocean-themed set T received from a friend. The diver is a tablespoon, and the whale is a cup. Both measured up as accurate, so these will come in very handy as T transitions to measuring items for us in the kitchen.

I usually can find these utensils at Home Goods, Marshalls, or TJ Maxx. Hey, all of those stores are part of the same family of stores, so I guess it makes sense that I find them there regularly! And each Christmas, T’s also been lucky enough to find a new cooking utensil in his stocking, too. I guess Santa’s on board for making kitchen time as kid-friendly as possible, too. Thanks to you also, Santa! PS – hope you liked the cookies T and I made for you this past season… they were all gone Christmas morning so I’m going to go with yes.

The packaging for the headchefs line. Next time you're in line at a discount retail store, check those checkstand displays as this is where is usually find these items.

What tricky tools or gadgets do you use to keep your own kids’ interest in the kitchen, RMT’ers? Please share!