Happy New Year! Time to Get Busy Living… Without As Much Blogging

This is how our family celebrates New Year's Day every year here in Southern California.

Happy 2012, RMT’ers!

As the new year brings on many changes for many folks, it does for me as well.

Starting this week, I am cutting down the posts to around three times a week. I don’t know if that means anything regular like M-W-F, or maybe two posts in one day and one another day. I figure I’ll work that out as I go along and I’ll eventually fall into a groove – or not. At any rate, I think that easing up a bit will be good for me and perhaps you, too, as well.

These last 20-something weeks taught me a few things about myself for sure. One, I totally missed writing – a lot. Writing almost every day for about six months was a wonderful growth experience for me; given that my previous passion had leaned more to the editing side of things, I didn’t know if I could keep at it, but I did, and I really enjoyed the experience along with the results. Two, I loved that folks would tell me they actually looked forward to what I’d have to say every morning; many, many thanks for allowing me to be a part of so many of your daily routines! That reception was something along the lines of the camaraderie that I’ve missed not heading into a paying job for three years now, so thanks to my loyal readers for sticking with me these past several months and giving your feedback along the way. Finally, I learned that I can set a goal and stick to it even if I am the only one holding myself accountable. There’s a saying that the only thing that separates a dream from a goal is a plan, and my plan of making time for the blog daily helped that goal come to fruition. Goal accomplished!

So if I seem so pleased with the 2011 blog results, why the change, you ask? Well, while I loved the regularity of the Monday through Friday blog schedule, I also learned that it was a LOT to ask of myself both creatively and time wise. Toward the end of last year, the passion that I had inside of me to write almost was becoming more of a chore – just another item on my to-do list. Not good, and I think that many of my posts were starting to show that feeling also, which is something I have to address head-on to in order to keep it real (it is in the name of the blog after all!). Ultimately, I hope that stepping back from the blog a bit will help it grow bigger and better in the long run. I also hope that the extra time I’m freeing up allows me and my family to get busy living even bigger and better in 2012 (which can only bring forth bigger and better things for me to blog about for your benefit – see how that works?!).

Raise your hand if you want to make 2012 the best year yet!

Now let’s get to it – let’s get busy living, RMT’ers! Cheers to a new year… and a fresh start for all of us!

2 responses to “Happy New Year! Time to Get Busy Living… Without As Much Blogging

  1. Three times a week is totally acceptable! 🙂 There’s only so much time in a day and though I like reading your posts, I totally understand how hard it is to keep up with it and I don’t even try to do our blog daily! Is there a way to schedule posts for later times? that way you could write whenever you wanted, but post on a consistent day if you feel like it. Just an idea. Happy new year by the way!

    • Oh yes, I can write and pre-schedule posts for sure (how on Earth did you think I could post M through F before and always at the same time of day before – I’m not even THAT disciplined!). Anyway, yeah, maybe I will just try to pre-schedule for M-W-F… I guess I just didn’t want to lock into a set plan or schedule just yet is all, at least not until I figure out exactly what it is I want to do for a little while anyway.

      Happy New Year to you, too! Thanks for being such a loyal reader and fellow mom-friend here with me in the RMT trenches! 🙂

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