Last Day of School: Kids Elated, Moms Bewildered

Today is T’s last day of school until we return again in September.

Honestly, while I am happy that summer is upon us – definitely better weather and better activities await us – well, I’m also throwing up a little in my mouth as I type this sentence.

Two reasons…

  1. An entire year of school has come and gone. How is this even possible?!?! This was T’s first year in Preschool, and while he only attended two days/week, it’s been a really big deal around here. What happened to the little toddler who started school and barely could put a sentence together, count to 5, or conceptualize sharing? Now that same boy – at least I think he’s the same person (?) – can tell tall tales (OK even fib on occasion… OK, daily), count to 40 (as of yesterday, actually; it was just up to 30 last week), and lead sharing circles of his own toys at play dates?! What a difference a year makes, indeed.
  1. Summer starts tomorrow. This means T and me will be together, daily, for two solid months. While I realize the kids are thrilled by summer prospects and endless fun, now I completely understand why moms all seemed to have that deer-in-the-headlights look as we kids-at-the-time came bounding in from the last day of school. That look was the sheer agony of the thought of having to plan every single bloody day of their kids’ lives for the next 2-3 months. I realize and accept that I’m a cruise director around here M-W-F (and weekends), but now my hours just went to full-on FT, my kid-free break time just got cut 100 percent, and for what? Oh yeah, it’s all for that endless summertime fun, fun, fun!

So, happy summer, ya’ll! And the countdown has begun ‘til that mother-beloved first day of school. In the meantime, and if you are brave enough, please join me for the next 62 days and watch me lose my mind as I try to come up with not just new but super-duper, fun-tastic answers to T’s predictable daily inquiry: “What are we doing in the morning?” I can’t wait to hear and answer that… all… summer… long.

2 responses to “Last Day of School: Kids Elated, Moms Bewildered

  1. One word for you: Playdates! Drop-off playdates can give you some free time too, if T is ready for them.

    • Thanks for the idea, Teresa! Yeah, I’m thinking if T’s not ready right now, he just might be in a couple of weeks 😉 Stay tuned, I’ll def. post if we try a drop-off play date for the first time this summer (or whenever we do it)!

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